The King Water

The Kingwater a small river, not more than a couple of meters wide in places, which meanders through farmland. Trees make casting difficult on much of the association’s stretch, and patience and care are required, if a successful session is to be had. That said, the rewards are there, in the form of good numbers of small trout, and the angler should be prepared for the occasional larger specimen. Like many small streams, the Kingwater fishes best with a little extra water, and catching fish is by no means impossible, with most of the trout inhabiting the deeper pools and undercut banks.

Fishing on the King Water

Definitely one for the small stream aficionado, the Kingwater requires a rod in the 7 to 8 feet range, rated 3 or 4. When the river carries a bit of extra water and colour, small beadhead nymphs will score well, either fished singly or New Zealand style. In normal water conditions, a dry fly works best. The Kingwater contains an extremely healthy population of beautiful wild trout, and is lightly fished. Small parachute hackled and sedge patterns are all that is required to catch fish, which like most small stream dwellers, are quick to rise and unfussy.